Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Good Morning Sunshine

This morning I heard Bennett waking up from his morning nap and decided to catch it on video. He was in his crib cooing and talking to himself. I love when he babbles to himself. He's been so busy lately. He loves grabbing whatever I have in my hand and trying to put it in his mouth. The pictures are of his new water toy. I wanted him to like playing on his belly more so I got him this little mat that you fill with water. There are little fish that swim around when he hits it. He seems to really like it. He's rolling over all the time now and sitting up really well, too.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

B loves Easter - part 2

Saturday Bennett and I went to the church Easter egg hunt. Houston was sad to miss, but got sunkissed at the NASCAR race instead. LeEllen got out this great push toy for B and he loved it! His favorite part was trying to get the horn in his mouth. He was too cute with Miles' sunglasses on, but I don't think he was too happy about it.

This morning we missed church because B wasn't feeling great. I was so sad to miss church on such a special day, but it was a big weekend for B and I hated to push him. We did make it back to Stan and LeEllen's for lunch so B got to wear his special Easter outfit. He was so cute. It was such a nice day. We had a wedding shower for Houston's cousin Bethany, an Easter egg hunt for the kids, and a special one for the adults. The eggs actually had money in them. Houston and I found $62 between the two of us!

B loves Easter - part 1

So we had a very nice Easter weekend. We had the opportunity to spend time with lots of family and friends. Friday we hung around with the Forrest family. I love seeing all the crazy kids and sweet babies. Bennett found one Easter egg on his first hunt Friday afternoon. Houston was SO EXCITED about it as you can see in the picture. Bennett also got to love on Sophia some. We sat him down beside her and he immediately tried to get her. He actually tried to give her a big kiss but poked her in the eye accidentally. He was very upset that he made her cry. They are both too funny. Thanks mom for the fun lunch and thank you uncle Randy and aunt Linda for the egg hunt and yummy dinner.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This week has been pretty standard so far. Bennett has been a little under the weather, but he's been happy as usual. Mom has been off work this week so he has been spending some quality time with her. I wish I had a recent picture of the two of them. I'll try to get one for my next post. He loves green peas and vegetables in general. I've recently tried to give him pears and bananas but he doesn't really like them. He just opens his mouth and lets them dribble back out. He's a funny little man. I'm also including a video of him looking in the mirror because it's so stinking cute.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Five Months Old!

Have I mentioned how much I love my baby? I have some cute pictures to share from the last several weeks. We have one of him falling asleep while playing in his high chair. He definitely has a knack for falling asleep when I least expect it ...and staying awake when he should be asleep.

There is also one is of all three of us the morning after the big snow. We had fun tearing up the front lawn of the Greek Orthodox Church on our plastic discs. Bennett only stayed out for a minute but he sure looked cute in his eskimo hat. Miles and Ella had a great time playing in the snow and driving the mule around to pick people up.

I also had to put one up of Bennett checking himself out in the mirror. He loves looking at himself even though he hasn't figured out that it's him yet.