Sunday, February 1, 2009


January has been an exciting month so far for our family. First, Bennett started school 4 days a week, then I started nursing school 4 days a week. We have been pretty busy adjusting to our new schedule. I try to be out the door by 7:15 to take Bennett to school and be at Belmont on time. If you know me very well, you know that I have a lot of difficulty being anywhere on time. Nursing was probably the worst profession to choose for a person who is frequently late. It just isn't done. In fact, they strongly encourage everyone to be in class 5 minutes early. I've only been late 1 time so far this semester because I ran into 3 wrecks! How does that even happen? So, I'm thinking positive and using this as the perfect opportunity to correct one of my more annoying character flaws. Houston will certainly be happy if I become an "on time" person.

So anyway, B is the oldest in his class at church and school now. This is humorous to me because he is already so big. He dwarfs many of the kids his own age. Sadly, we had our first bully moment Thursday when his teacher had to tell me that he bit one of his friends at school. I am so sad about it! His teacher was very sweet and said she was totally surprised because he isn't aggressive. So, pray for my parenting skill which are apparently about to be majorly challenges.

On Friday we had fun playing with Garrett, Ava, Ashley, and Katie at Pump It Up only to wake up from our nap that afternoon with an obvious case of pink eye! I guess that's what preschool will do for you. Sorry to all the poor kids at Pump It Up we exposed! So, we have been hermits all weekend trying to keep B away from the rest of the world and hoping we don't get it, too. To cheer him up we bought him a beta fish on Friday. He calls it doggie. I guess he thinks all animals are doggies. Speaking of vocabulary, he can say lots of fun stuff now including mommy, dada, doggie, poopy, baby, cheese, cracker, uh-oh, bye bye, hi, thank you, please, ball, car, truck(sometimes), banana (nana), and pop (what he calls Stan). He can also point to his hair, belly, eyes, ears, and nose. He learned the body parts from LeEllen and mom. I can't take credit.

Yesterday mom stopped by on her way back from Nana's house to bring by some of her wonderful home made chocolate pie and a Valentine's day gift for Bennett. Most of these pictures are of B opening his gift. He got the cutest monkey hat ever! He also got a mini basketball goal (that has entertained him all afternoon), some books, and candy. Thank you Nana!