Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Pictures

A few weeks ago Natalie and Shane Ivey tooks some family pictures of us over at Stan and LeEllen's house. I think they turned out so well! I really love having so great pictures of Bennett at this age! He is seriously the funniest and sweetest little boy right now.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I am the worst blogger lately. During the last few weeks we sold our house, moved out in 2 weeks, bought a house and are hoping to be moved in by June 1st. For now, we are staying with Stan and LeEllen while I try to finish my finals. I am 24 weeks pregnant this week. I went in for a checkup today and everything looks good. I heard the baby's heartbeat which always makes me smile. I was super excited to have LOST weight since my last appointment...4 pounds thank you very much. I was a bit sad after my last visit because I had already gained 16 pounds. This week my total weight gain so far is 12 pounds. This is good because I gained tons the last few months with Bennett. I gained about 40 pounds with him and have been trying to keep that number down a little bit this time so I don't have to work so hard later on. Anyway, I doubt anyone needed this much info about my weight, but it certainly made my day!