Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's party time in Kingston Springs

So, even though Baby Girl wasn't quite 2 weeks old, we took a trip out to Kingston Springs to celebrate Noah, Micah, Jenny, and uncle Randy's birthdays. It was a beautiful, and slightly hot Sunday afternoon. The kids had a really great time eating cake and playing outside. The boys had a watermelon eating contest that was hilarious! A few minutes into the contest Celeste realized her boys didn't have a clean shirt to go home in, so they had to have a time-out to take off their shirts. They all loved it! Bennett didn't actually realize it was a race, but he ate almost as quickly anyways. After all the watermelon juice, the little ones were thoroughly hosed down in the backyard. Ansley was hilarious in the water. Her diaper was so soggy it settled around her knees! Bennett was asleep before we even hit the interstate :)

Note: Nana did not participate in our crazy face picture.