Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween at Our New House

This year Halloween was special because our neighborhood goes all out! Every year they have a cute little parade down a few of the streets and they serve hot dogs and such at the club house. We didn't do the dinner part this year, but we had lots of fun roaming around the neighborhood. It really reminded me of when I was a kid because no one was really driving. The kids just go from house to house on foot. It was definitely chaotic but really cute. Bennett kept falling down because he was running so fast. He would fall, drop all his candy and say "I sorry. I so sorry." Mom, Misty, Jeremy, Ella, Miles, and Griffin were there to add to the fun. We also had Ava and Ashley there for dinner. Strangely, I think their favorite think about the night was answering the door and giving candy out. We let them handle that job for a long time and they just loved it! The adults were glued to the UT/ Alabama game.