Monday, March 15, 2010

Not so Beachy Getaway

A few weekends ago I went to Orange Beach Alabama with some special friends. Little Miss came along too so it wasn't exactly tranquil for me, but I had a wonderful time. Back in the summertime we had a regular group of kids and mommies who went swimming almost every week. At some point we discussed taking a girls trip together. I'm pretty sure this was actually Misty's idea. It all came together around Christmas when some of the better planners in the group realized we could all use a trip this year. Thank you Marie for all you did to organize this! I named the post not so beachy because I was only at the beach for about 1 hour the whole time :)

Don't you love that precious picture of Olivia and Nora?! Best friends in the making for sure!

Bennett's Preschool Valentine's Day Party

Since January Bennett has been in preschool at Harpeth Hills on Tuesdays and Thursdays. From mommy's perspective he loves everything about his new school. One of his favorite things so far seems to be morning drop-off. He loves that someone comes out to the car to take him inside. Every morning he'll tell whichever teacher comes to get him that "it's me, Bennett!!" just in case they forgot I guess.

Once we pull into the drop off line I let him climb into the front seat with me. He loves sticking his head out the window to see if he sees any of his friends. He's such a funny little guy! He told his teachers last week that some of the kids were "making me nuts!" I guess he hears more of what I say than I think he does. He also says "but why?" all the time!!!! It's funny that I was just telling some friends the other day that Bennett has never really been much of a questioner. I guess I spoke too soon.

These pictures are of preschool. Some are of their valentine's day party. My favorite is the one of Bennett standing by the bags of valentines. He couldn't wait to get his! I also love the one where's he is trying to help Griffin put on his coat.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Questions about Vaccines

Can anyone tell me what's up with immunizations? I have been discussing this topic with pretty much anyone who will listen and I am so confused. Are there any real scientific answers yet about the safetly of vaccines? Olivia has had soooo many shots. Today alone she got 5 plus an oral vaccine. Is she really at risk for hepatis B? Really? Really? And why is it so bad for her to have the chicken pox? Isn't better to get that as a kid then as an adult? Doesn't the vaccine wear off at some point anyway? Obviously I am clueless.


I haven't been taking as many picutures as I should lately. As winter goes on and on and on I haven't found a lot of motivation to pull out my camera. Olivia had her six month pictures made Tuesday so hopefully we'll have some good shots from that. These pictures are from her 3 month shots. In case you're wondering, LeEllen made the dress she is wearing.

On a diffirent note, I want to take a minute to be thankful for how much love our family has felt over the last several months. On a daily basis, I feel the presense of God like I never have before. In so many ways, I have been encouraged to take comfort in His love. I love my family so so much, and I have the most precious friends I could ever ask for. To me, each of them is a gift from God. I hope that I can somehow repay them for standing beside me through such dark and difficult times.

I also want to mention that have been reading Crazy Love. It is realllllyyyyyy tough to read. When I first started I felt like such a huge failure, but the farther I get, the more I feel a sense of passion and purpose growing inside me. I don't know exactly what that purpose is yet, but it is certainly for something. If you're looking for a great read, I definitely recommend it.