Monday, May 17, 2010

Vacation for Two Please!

The first week in May, Houston and I went on a vacation without our little angels. We went with some good friends David & Sara and David & Chris Anne. We had a very relaxing, and much needed, break. This was actually the first vacation we had taken without family since our honeymoon. We boarded a plane at 6am in Nashville and headed south to the Dominican Republic. We were at our resort by 1:30 pm. One of the reasons we chose the Dominican Republic was because of the sugary white beaches and beautiful water. We were not disappointed. It was gorgeous. Most of the time we relaxed by the pool or under an umbrella at the beach. One day we rode dune buggies around the local towns and were literally caked with mud at the end. We also swam in a little cave in the middle of nowhere. Of course, by the end of the week we were all ready to get home to our kids, especially since we were gone through all of the crazy flooding that happened in Nashville. Unfortunately my camera failed me and most of my picture came out grainy and blurry. I will probably replace these pictures as soon as I get some from another camera.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crazy Boy

My little man is a daddy's boy in case you didn't aready know. Yes, he loves me when he skins his knee or wants a popsicle, but most other times of the day he wants to do whatever daddy is doing. He loves the blower, the mower, and all the tools in the garage. If Houston is outside for any reason and Bennett doesn't get to go, there will most certainly be a melt-down. He especially loves going to daddy's work, and showing off his super fast running to all the ladies.

On the flip side, there was that one time I caught him putting on my mascara...oh and all those times he walk around in my high heels :)

Happy Birthday Pop!

We had a little party for Pop on the Sunday after his birthday. The kiddos ate outside while the rest of us enjoyed the air conditioning. Stan is blessing to us in so many ways. We respect the man that he is and pray that this year will bring some joy his way. LOVE YOU POP!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

So, I am behind. I almost decided to skip the old stuff and start with what's going on this week, but I would just kick myself later for leaving stuff out. Anyway, Easter this years was special because we are now a family of four! I have always loved Easter. As a kid, I liked the fun stuff like dying eggs, wearing a new dress, and finding my Easter basket. This year I have found a special joy in knowing that we get to pass all of those fun traditions on to our sweet kids. Most of all, I hope that we teach them the joys of being together with family and celebrating the resurection of our savior