Saturday, July 24, 2010

Scuba Vacation

Gearing up for our 16 hour flight from LA to Manila


Eel. Ugly huh?

Sea horse

Lion fish

We found Nemo!

Sea Turtle

Amazing! About to go diving in the marine sancutary at Apo Island

I love this picture of all our tanks ready to go!

Titanic pose

All the guys getting out. We dove in small groups.

They had a party for us the last night. Catelyn and I got our dresses from the local marked at Apo Island.

I'll just leave you to wonder what's going on here. That's Justin, Joe and Mila.

We rode on top of the Jeepneys that took us to the waterfalls. Even grandaddy!

Grandaddy and Gabi , one of our dive masters

volcanic steam vent

Getting in at the waterfall

Me and Cate on the bus in LA on the way home.

We have been back from our family vacation to the Phillipines for weeks. Unfortunately, our computer has been having some trouble so I haven't been able to access our pictures until now. Anyway, we had a lot of adventures while we were away. We stayed at Atlantis Dive Resort in Dumaguete. The people there were great, and the diving was unbelievable. Some of my favorite things to see were octopus, lion fish, scorpion fish, trumpet fish, sea turtles, and the beautiful coral inside their marine sanctuaries. Houston took tons of pictures underwater so we have some great documentation of everything!

Besides diving everyday, we also visited a local market. This was an experience that I will never forget. There were baby birds on strings that you could buy as toys... Also, the fish paste smelled lovely! On our last day we visited some waterfalls and saw some volcanic steam vents. It was crazy to see water by the road actually boiling!
The day we were suposed to come home, the plane coming to get us from Manila didn't make it before dark so we had to stay an extra day. By that point I was pretty homesick and ready to see my babies. We were away from them for 10 days! I was definitely not as ready for that as I thought I was before the trip, but we made some great memories that I will treasure forever!