Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Trip to the Farm

Bennett was really excited when we told him that we were going to see Grandmother at the Farm. He couldn't wait to play with her toys and check out the big tractors. He must have some farm boy in him because he loves playing in the dirt and seeing everything there is too see in the country. I actually spent most of the visit studying for a big test I had coming up, but I did get to enjoy spending time with family and eating well. We all had a great time! Bennett is already asking to go back! We love you Grandmother.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Holiday with TOO Much SUGAR!

Aside from anything scary, I really like Halloween, and it's pretty fun in our neighborhood because almost everyone gets in the spirit and hands out candy. We also have a little parade through the neighborhood so all the kids can show off their costumes. Lots of people decorate the outside of their houses, and the candy is top notch! Our neighbors even gave out whole candy bars!! This is expecially amazing when you consider that we used 6 big bags of candy and some of the candy Bennett got from trunk r treat at church.

Bennett wore two different costumes this year. He was Batman and Woody. I bought him Woody, and Mimi gave him the Batman costume for his birthday. Olivia was Minnie Mouse, although she only wore her costume for about 45 minutes on Halloween and was in bed by 6:30. She has dropped her morning nap, so she gets sleepy very early these days. It's amazing to me that she can sleep from 6:30 pm until 7 am!

So anyway, we had a really fun night walking around the neighborhood and eating too much sugar. Here are some pictures of Bennett and his lady friends. It was him and 7 girls! He loved every minute of it!