Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in Pictures

Christmas at the Forrest house is always wild and definitely a highlight of the season!

Nice shot of Micah

Head of security

Mimi and the princess

Silly face

I am so thankful for my two wonderful grandmothers!

New riding toys from Mimi!

Christmas cookie making gone wrong!

Almost time for bed and we have our cookies and reindeer food out for Santa. In our letter Bennett asked Santa to eat the green cookies and leave the red ones.

Can you see the excitement on his face?!

Livi just stared at her doll house for awhile.

Nerf gear on and ready!

Trying to get a cute shot and captured this craziness instead...

I hope that your Christmas was wonderful!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Time

Trying to catch up on the last few months has me realizing how bad I have become at taking pictures! Since my last post we have been doing all of our traditional holiday activities and enjoying our time together as a family. This year life has become extra sweet as my little lovies have become friends. They like playing together and really miss each other when they are apart. They are both very sweet to each other most of the time, and that makes me really happy! Of course, this isn't true all the time, and when they get upset with each other it gets really loud around our house! Usually it's Olivia making Bennett upset when she doesn't play by his rules or when she messes up something he's working on. She's a sneaky little thing and sometimes I catch her laughing after she makes him cry. Anyway, we are having fun times and really just enjoying being together as a family.

The kids at Thanksgiving lunch

Coleman was a little peanut this time last year! He's such a cutie!

Turkey cookies inspired by Pinterest

Selah's first Thanksgiving as a Dixon!

Love this shot!

Our tree. It is real and Houston thinks it is too small, but I just like cute little cozy trees.

This little angel is officially potty trained! Yep yep yep! We are diaper free at our house!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

October is the Best Month

Optimus Prime and the sweetest little fairy princess!

Celebrating Houston's birthday!

This makes me laugh

October is always "the month of Erin" in my head, named after one of my lovely college friends. She loves October and so do I! This year October has been beautiful here in Nashville. We have played outside more than ever and enjoyed these last rays of warm sun before the cold months of late fall and winter keep us inside until March. October has been full to the brim with clinical days, school functions, soccer games, Halloween and Houston's birthday. Reflecting back on the last several weeks I am very thankful for my amazing friends and family who have helped me get through this very busy and stressful time at school. I couldn't have made it through this semester without help! I am also thankful for my Hubby of 5 1/2 years who turned 30 this year! I have dreaded turning 30 since I turned 20, but I think it might not be so bad after all.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Turning 4!

Bennett, at four years old you love to be the center of attention. You are sweet and loving and love to snuggle. You are also passionate and emotional when you want your way (just like your mama). We have had many melt downs over this last year as you have learned to find you place in the world. We love your sweetness and your love for your family and friends. You are a precious big brother and protective of your baby sister. I am constantly surprised by your patience with Olivia. You have a genuine love for learning and a curiosity about everything that comes your way. You are fearless and love animals. You are energetic and constantly in motion. I am grateful to be your mother and I look forward to all of the memories we have yet to make. My prayers for you are that you will always find so much joy in life and that you will follow your heart wherever it may lead you.

On your birthday this year we had cake at Tuesday night dinner. You wanted a Transformer cake! We also went to Chuckie Cheese as a family. When we asked you which friend you wanted to take with you, you picked your Mimi... we were not surprised!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Soccer Time

This picture reminds me of myself...I was such a little flake when I played t-ball. I remember picking dandelions in the outfield during every game!

June had fun too!

I am officially a soccer mom! Not sure whether to be proud or sad that Bennett is old enough for organized sports, but we have had a great time watching his team play these past few weeks! He plays 3 v 3 and we spend most of the time laughing at how cute and funny they are running around in circles on the field. We have had a great experience with this first season because of a great coach and a fun group of kids. All of our team shows up for everything. We are also fortunate that all of the kids on our team will go on the field and play. I really hadn't thought about how shy little ones can be, but we have played some teams where the parents are running around on the field holding their child's hand. I guess that's what you have to do sometimes, but it sure makes for some chaos out there!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where have I been?

Well... I have been busy! Doing what? This last month has been the beginning of my most challenging semester of school so far. My first week of school, Olivia had a fever for 4 days. That whole week was generally chaotic as I tried to figure out what our schedule is going to be like for the next few months. The most challenging part about being a full-time student with kids is juggling the schedule and the only real comfort I have had this last month is knowing that my family supports me and that I only have to do this one more semester before this is phase in my life is wrapped up. I have an inner struggle raging right now as I try not to wish away these next 8 months with my family, but I am SOOOOO over school. So sorry for the whine fest! I think I feel better now...

I have no photos because little man dropped my camera and crushed the flash. It's on my list to get a new camera sometimes soon. I am especially excited to put up some pictures of Bennett playing soccer! He is so stinking cute!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Let me tell you about our Livi girl...

My angel baby turned two years old August 19th! For her birthday she had some of her friends over for a tea party, and let me just tell you that it was precious! It was unbelievably sweet how grownup they acted while they sat at the table and ate their treats. Olivia had a great time playing with her friends and eating her beautiful pink cake! After snacks the girls played and had their nails painted. I am so thankful to have this sweet little girl to liven up our lives!

Olivia, at two years old you love to play with your babies, have your nails painted, watch Mickey Mouse, get pushed in the swing, be read to, and sing song after song after song. Your favorite books are 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' and 'Rain Drop Plop.' You sing to yourself all the time. I think sometimes you make the songs up as you go along. Your favorite things to say are "like this!" "yeah," and "hey mommy". I crack up when you give your sideway smile and when you pretend to be asleep. You bring so much joy to our family and we love you so very much! Happy Birthday to you baby girl!

Ashley did a great job on the cake!

Check out these cuties! I love Sadie in her hat.

Cate got the best job.

Nail painting.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Time for a Puppy!

It's the middle of August and I seem to have lost my motivation. I think maybe it was the extreme heat for weeks on end that got me. I sure love my sweet kids, but I am seriously missing preschool! I am sad to see the summer end, but will enjoy having a few hours a week of sanity. Their first day back will be August 29th. I think everyone in our house is ready! In the last few weeks we have had a few significant changes including a new puppy and moving Olivia into a toddler bed.

Meet June! She's 9 weeks old.

Now meet her nemesis...

Livi likes to hang out in June's bed...June does not appreciate it.

On a side not, this is what colored bubbles will do, so watch out!

The blankets on the floor are Bennett's version of a fort which makes me think he misunderstood the concept of a fort entirely.

My angel baby in her new bed. She likes to sleep with 3 blankets, her lovie, several babies, her pink puppy and a horse. She couldn't be more different than her brother who has never needed anything special to sleep with. I tried so hard to get him to attach to a blanket or something, but he refused.

My baby girl will be 2 years old in one week! Unbelievably bitter sweet!