Monday, April 25, 2011


love my friend/sister :)

Nana and the princess

Check out these cute cousins: Aria, Selah, and Scarlett

Life lesson: never mess with a man in a John Deer hat...especially with candy at stake!

Ready to tackle some eggs!

Mimi and the princess

Sweet :)

Bennett wasn't sure what to think when he discovered that the Easter Bunny brought presents!

You can see that she wasn't feeling so good :(

Singing happy birthday to Wyatt and Daniel at the Forrest family party.

I just love red geraniums and had to have one for the front porch!

Our Morning Glory is so beautiful this year!

We had enough Easter fun to write three blog posts! Olivia was sick all weekend, but we tried to do as much as we could. Thanks to help from my mom (who now lives in our neighborhood!!!!) we were able to take Bennett to the church egg hunt on Saturday and then church on Sunday. I was sad that Olivia didn't make it to church in the beautiful dress her Nana made for her, but she did wear it for a few minutes for pictures before lunch. We also had a family party at our house Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon lunch at the Ezell's. It was the best Easter in my memory (aside from the sick baby). I am especially thankful for all the precious family time.

Painting on Glass

After making a chalkboard a few weeks ago, I have developed an infatuation with chalk paint! I love that I can erase and write something new with so little effort! So, I started hunting for inexpensive glass canisters to see how chalk paint would work on glass. It took four coats, but I was happy with the finished product. If you are thinking about using chalk paint on glass I have a few tips for you. First, alternate the direction of your brush strokes with each coat. It covers better that way. Second, if you want the lines to be really straight, I would remove the tape after the first coat and freehand the next three. The tape pulls off some of the paint around the edges. Messy lines look cool to me, but may not be for everyone. If you want the lines to be really jagged, try ripping your tape in half before putting it on the glass. I saw this technique on several tutorials I scoped out. Let each coat dry one hour. Let the last coat sit for one day and then season by rolling chalk across the surface. The idea is to make it look a bit worn. Then you can wipe off the excess and get to writing whatever ya want!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Guess Who's Seven?!!!!

Ella Marie is basically an adult I guess! I can't believe how fast these years have gone! My first date with Houston was the week she was born so her birthday is extra special for me. I can remember Misty once telling me that she just didn't know how to get through to Ella about personal space. Ella loved getting right up close to the littler kids like Bennett so that she could talk baby talk to them and give them hugs and kisses. Just a few short years later and it's easy to see how that same sweet and outgoing personality will set her apart in life. I am looking forward to watching her grow and mature into her mama's girl. She is so beautiful! My camera died before the cake and gifts, but you can trust me that the birthday girl was happy!

Friday, April 15, 2011


‎20+ Family Yard Sale Saturday, April 16 from 6am-2pm!!! 1005 Glastonbury Drive in Franklin (inside Fieldstone Farms neighborhood)

These are pictures of our Thursday night group organizing and tagging for the sale last night. There are seriously THOUSANDS of items including furniture, beds, tv's clothes, brand new Hallmark overstock items, toys, bikes, bedding/drapes, and soooo much more! Please repost to get the word out!!

Come support the Whitfields and Thompsons as they raise money to bring home their boys. The Whitfields are bringing baby Jude home from Ethiopia in the next few months and the Thompsons are bringing home Will Hudson from China(whose 3rd birthday is today!) sometime this summer.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chalk Board

My most recent project has been this chalk board. I found the frame and chalk board paint on sale. Houston cut a piece of wood to fit the frame. After putting two coats of paint on it was ready to go! It was a really easy project. I am on the lookout for what to hang on each side of the frame. I used a stencil to paint the design on the plates above the chalk board. The plates had been in a drawer for the last few years so I had nothing to loose it if didn't look right. I also found that I could use a razor to scrape off the paint and start over if I made a mistake.

Pictures of a Saturday

It was a pretty typical Saturday at our house yesterday. Bennett and I got out early to have breakfast and then watch Ella play soccer. She was awesome and Bennett had a great time playing with Miles and Griffin.

It may not be news to anyone but me, but I was pretty happy to have a nap in the afternoon! Houston spent Friday afternoon and Saturday morning grilling some BBQ that was excellent. He has a new grill and has been testing recipes. David and Chris Anne came over to help us eat the BBQ. The boys got DIRTY playing outside with no shoes and were so funny when David hosed them down in the shower.

Number 19!!!!

Batman and Robin :)

Miles is proud of his baseball uniform :)

I love Bennett's face in this one!

Funny boys!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Spring!

What a beautiful day it was yesterday! I love these days when the light streams in and the windows stay opened. The weather has inspired me to put some spring cheer around the house with a few new projects. The first one is a burlap wreath. I went with the white burlap and used a combination of two ideas I found by Emily at Jones Design Company Blog. I did not realize how messy burlap was to work with, but I still had fun. This project cost about $12 but I used the left over moss for my next project. It took me about 45 minutes to finish. Emily's wreath had a little flower detail that I forgot to add by accident. Sometimes my little helpers can also be a bit distracting :)

The sweetest little helpers!

All done!

The second project was this E that was inspired by Pottery Barn. I have seen several blogs featuring tutorials about making them, but that seems a bit silly. Really it's just moss hot glued to a letter and a ribbon attached to the back. The letter could be made of wood or cardboard. It seriously took me about 10 minutes and about $4. I think we have our quota of moss in the house at this point!

Check out this cuteness! Bennett is reading to her. This is one of those Mastercard moments: Priceless :)