Friday, October 7, 2011

Soccer Time

This picture reminds me of myself...I was such a little flake when I played t-ball. I remember picking dandelions in the outfield during every game!

June had fun too!

I am officially a soccer mom! Not sure whether to be proud or sad that Bennett is old enough for organized sports, but we have had a great time watching his team play these past few weeks! He plays 3 v 3 and we spend most of the time laughing at how cute and funny they are running around in circles on the field. We have had a great experience with this first season because of a great coach and a fun group of kids. All of our team shows up for everything. We are also fortunate that all of the kids on our team will go on the field and play. I really hadn't thought about how shy little ones can be, but we have played some teams where the parents are running around on the field holding their child's hand. I guess that's what you have to do sometimes, but it sure makes for some chaos out there!