Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in Pictures

Christmas at the Forrest house is always wild and definitely a highlight of the season!

Nice shot of Micah

Head of security

Mimi and the princess

Silly face

I am so thankful for my two wonderful grandmothers!

New riding toys from Mimi!

Christmas cookie making gone wrong!

Almost time for bed and we have our cookies and reindeer food out for Santa. In our letter Bennett asked Santa to eat the green cookies and leave the red ones.

Can you see the excitement on his face?!

Livi just stared at her doll house for awhile.

Nerf gear on and ready!

Trying to get a cute shot and captured this craziness instead...

I hope that your Christmas was wonderful!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Time

Trying to catch up on the last few months has me realizing how bad I have become at taking pictures! Since my last post we have been doing all of our traditional holiday activities and enjoying our time together as a family. This year life has become extra sweet as my little lovies have become friends. They like playing together and really miss each other when they are apart. They are both very sweet to each other most of the time, and that makes me really happy! Of course, this isn't true all the time, and when they get upset with each other it gets really loud around our house! Usually it's Olivia making Bennett upset when she doesn't play by his rules or when she messes up something he's working on. She's a sneaky little thing and sometimes I catch her laughing after she makes him cry. Anyway, we are having fun times and really just enjoying being together as a family.

The kids at Thanksgiving lunch

Coleman was a little peanut this time last year! He's such a cutie!

Turkey cookies inspired by Pinterest

Selah's first Thanksgiving as a Dixon!

Love this shot!

Our tree. It is real and Houston thinks it is too small, but I just like cute little cozy trees.

This little angel is officially potty trained! Yep yep yep! We are diaper free at our house!