Friday, November 30, 2012

Olivia is 3!!

My little lovey turned 3 years old in August! She is absolutely the sweetest part of our family. Olivia, at age 3 you are so bright and cheerful! You love to play with your big brother more than anyone or anything else.  You beg to sleep in his room at night. Most nights you sleep in his bed and he sleeps in his sleeping bag on the floor beside you. It makes me so happy to see how you two love being together.  You also love doing anything crafty like coloring, painting, play-doh, paper dolls, and on and on.  Dora is your favorite show by far and even when I beg you to choose something else, you just won't budge.  You love to say prayers and are always sure to include the princesses at Disney World.  You are very social and never want to be alone.  At times you are miss sassy and can test my sanity, but  I wouldn't have you any other way.  Daddy and I love you more than you can possible know.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer 2012

Bennett and Olivia started school this week and it hit me that I haven't updated the blog all summer!  Since I started work in June things have been a little bit nuts around our house, but I am hoping that I'll get my working mom groove sooner or later and do a better job keeping up.

I am working in Labor and Delivery and loving it!  It feels surreal to have a job that I love and that allows me to see the craftsmanship of God everyday.  Working the night shift has definitely thrown me for a loop, but I think my body will eventually adjust!

So, here's what we've been up to this summer...

I got to spend time with these two wonderful friends!

Bennett had a blast with his friends at VBS!

We took a trip to Bells. Bennett loved playing with the "gun" at the fort.

He also loved pulling the wagon around collecting things.

Both kids love spending time at the farm and are never ready to leave.

We took a trip to the lake and Bennett had the time of his life!  He grew up so much this summer!

Livi had a great time, too! Even at the lake, her favorite thing to do was put on princess dresses. Good thing Aunt Beth brought the dress-up box!

June is doing really well. She and Bennett are best friends! Bennett's personality really shines with June.  He has so much love in his precious heart.

We took a family trip to the zoo for Livi's birthday. Bennett's favorite thing at the zoo is the train.

We had a fun afternoon celebrating the birthday girl with Mimi at Chuckie Cheese.

Finally, we had a princess cake at Tuesday night dinner.  Little Miss loved her cake!  

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth

I have loved Disney World since my first trip with family at age 12. Since that first trip I have been back twice. In spite of the part of me that balks at the consumerism of it all, I always look forward to coming back. Each trip I have been amazed at the lengths Disney goes to entertain and impress. Having kids changed the ballgame completely. I had a whole new train of thought that focused around meeting characters and making sure Bennett and Olivia had the time of their lives, and I think we succeeded.

I have to add that the trip was probably so successful because we had mom with us. Not only did the kids love having her around, but we also had them outnumbered, which is important...You mommies know what I mean.

On our first morning we ate breakfast at Cape May in the Beach Club resort. This was a great way to kick off our first day in the park.  
Olivia did NOT like Goofy one bit.

Driving the race track at Magic Kingdom

Olivia's favorite moments of our trip were meeting the princesses and picking out princess dresses.  She also loved the fairy dust Tinker Bell gave her. 

She LOVED eating breakfast at Cinderella's castle.

Fish faces by the fish tanks in Animal Kingdom.

Mimi and the little princess after Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios
Bennett's favorite parts of the trip were the Lego store in Downtown Disney, building his own light saber, and the Star Wars ride in Hollywood Studios. He also loved playing putt putt at our resort.  

He was not happy on the Dinosaur ride. There was a warning sign at the entrance and we obviously should have paid more attention to it. It was dark and jerky and the dinosaurs were very scary looking. We are on the front row of the picture and the little boy in the row behind us is trying to crawl onto the floor. It was almost funny how freaked out they were...almost... 

Olivia wasn't sure what she thought about Mickey.
Ariel and Prince Eric. Mimi waited with Olivia a very long time to get this picture.

Waiting outside Winnie the Pooh. This was our last ride of vacation. 

We ended our last night with the parade and fireworks at Magic Kingdom. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Forrests Everywhere

At our second annual spring extravaganza the Forrest family did not disappoint! Almost everyone turned up to celebrate Andy's 12th birthday and spend time together. I was also excited to meet baby Dallas for the first time! He is a Forrest for sure! The day was unusually hot for mid may, but then that seems to be the norm at our house. Every time we have a party, it's hot. Not sure if that's the universe trying to send us a signal or what, but anyway... The kids used the heat to their advantage with water guns, while the littlest ones played at the water table and in the baby pool. Livi and Emma stole my heart playing together and I ended up taking most of my pictures of the two of them. I feel blessed to be a Forrest and am already looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!!!

Emma and Olivia were inseparable and completely adorable all day.
Happy Birthday Andy!
I stole this pic from Jamie cause I had to have a close-up of Dallas. Jenna's crazy face in the background was an added bonus :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012


This last weekend was an eventful one for our family for several reasons. First, my nursing school pinning was on Friday night and graduation Saturday morning. I started nursing school at Belmont back in January 2009. I finished my first semester and then Olivia was born in August. I stayed home with her until fall of 2010 because I just couldn't leave her. I actually wasn't sure I would ever finish after having her, but when August finally came I just didn't let myself consider any other option. I'm so very glad that I chose to stick it out, but thinking back I'm not sure how I made it through. Our other important event was Houston's graduation from Lipscomb on Saturday afternoon. Last December Houston decided that he wanted to finish the last few classes that he needed to get his business degree from Lipscomb. I am very proud of him for that decision! So it goes without saying that these last few months have been very stressful for both of us and we are happy to be moving on! Our plan to take photos in our cap and gown on Sunday just didn't happen so most of these are from my pinning.
Awesome cake that Houston got me, made by my talented friend Brooke!
Stan was on stage to do the benediction and gave Houston a hug as he went walked across the stage.
I have no words to express how much we appreciate all of the love and support we have had along the way. There's simply no way we could have finished without some very important people in our lives! We missed you Grandmother!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Easter Crazy

I'm not exactly an arts and crafts type of mommy. The main reason is because I am already thinking about the mess that will surely follow before the art supplies are even out of the closet. However, I put thoughts of disaster out of my mind and decided that we would try to dye Easter eggs this year. I felt silly when they did a great job and made almost no mess at all! And even if they had made a mess, this was so worth the smiles. This year we did our usual Easter stuff, starting with egg hunts in each of their classes at Calvary, the church hunt at Nana and Pop's house and then the Ezell family hunt on Sunday. We had a great weekend!