Friday, January 27, 2012

Olivia's First Trip to the ER

Here we go head first into a new year, but first I have to go back and tell you about our last hurrah of 2011. We were getting ready for James' 40th birthday party at our house and mom was on her way to pick up the kids for a sleep over at her house. The guests were on their way. Bennett and Olivia were playing their own version of hide and seek when we heard the pantry door slam once followed by a very loud scream. Livi's little face said it all. Houston said that he thought maybe her finger got shut in the door and by the look on her face I knew we were going to the ER before I even looked at her hand. On her middle finger, the nail was hanging on by a piece of skin. We had her to Vanderbilt within 15 minutes. It's funny but I kept thinking about her being a teenager and self-conscious because she didn't have a fingernail. Funny what comes to your mind in stressful situations... She screamed the entire time and the first 15 minutes at the hospital.

After looking at it the doctors decided they would have to stitch her nail back on to act as a splint to hold open the space were her new nail would need to grow back through. They also said this would be the best way to protect that delicate skin under the nail. They originally thought they would try to do it without any sedation. I am so thankful they changed their mind, because even with it she was difficult for us to hold still enough for them to put the stitches on her tiny little finger. Afterward she was pitiful and didn't want to look at her finger for the first few days so we kept it covered by a Dora bandaid. The next week we had the stitches taken out and the nail fell off that same day. Her finger looks well healed now but we have no idea when or if she will get a new nail.

Bottom line, even that first night at the ER I felt thankful that Olivia would be OK and that this was just a tiny little thing in the picture of our lives. There were many other children we saw there that were not in the same situation.

Oh, and we didn't get to enjoy the party, but we heard it was a success!