Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth

I have loved Disney World since my first trip with family at age 12. Since that first trip I have been back twice. In spite of the part of me that balks at the consumerism of it all, I always look forward to coming back. Each trip I have been amazed at the lengths Disney goes to entertain and impress. Having kids changed the ballgame completely. I had a whole new train of thought that focused around meeting characters and making sure Bennett and Olivia had the time of their lives, and I think we succeeded.

I have to add that the trip was probably so successful because we had mom with us. Not only did the kids love having her around, but we also had them outnumbered, which is important...You mommies know what I mean.

On our first morning we ate breakfast at Cape May in the Beach Club resort. This was a great way to kick off our first day in the park.  
Olivia did NOT like Goofy one bit.

Driving the race track at Magic Kingdom

Olivia's favorite moments of our trip were meeting the princesses and picking out princess dresses.  She also loved the fairy dust Tinker Bell gave her. 

She LOVED eating breakfast at Cinderella's castle.

Fish faces by the fish tanks in Animal Kingdom.

Mimi and the little princess after Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios
Bennett's favorite parts of the trip were the Lego store in Downtown Disney, building his own light saber, and the Star Wars ride in Hollywood Studios. He also loved playing putt putt at our resort.  

He was not happy on the Dinosaur ride. There was a warning sign at the entrance and we obviously should have paid more attention to it. It was dark and jerky and the dinosaurs were very scary looking. We are on the front row of the picture and the little boy in the row behind us is trying to crawl onto the floor. It was almost funny how freaked out they were...almost... 

Olivia wasn't sure what she thought about Mickey.
Ariel and Prince Eric. Mimi waited with Olivia a very long time to get this picture.

Waiting outside Winnie the Pooh. This was our last ride of vacation. 

We ended our last night with the parade and fireworks at Magic Kingdom.