Monday, February 18, 2013

Bennett is 5!

My baby boy is really not such a baby anymore. I try not to dwell on how sad I am for him to grow up and instead focus on how cool it is to have a big kid.  Watching him play sports, work with his daddy on projects, and become such a big helper around the house are a few highlights. He is also having so much fun learning to write words and do "homework." This year he discovered he had a desk in his room after 3 years! I'm not sure what he thought is was before... One day he was impatient to sit at the office desk while Houston was working on something.  I asked him why he didn't go to his room and use his desk. The look on his face was complete doubt and he ran upstairs to prove me wrong. A couple seconds later he came back and asked me where the desk was. I told him and he ran off again.  He ran back and asked me what color the desk was. I said brown and he ran back to check again. This time when he ran back to me he had a huge smile on his face and said "MOMMY I HAVE A DESK IN MY ROOM!!"  He worked at his desk for hours that day :)  Having kids is so fun! These are pictures of his Pump It Up party. He had a super time!

Baseball Boy

In the fall Bennett played baseball for the first time! It was a big learning curve for him over the course of the season, but he always had a great attitude and enjoyed being with his friends.  His favorite position was definitely catcher.  He's just the cutest!

It's hard to see him in this picture, but he loved playing catcher!

He had a game on his birthday so he got the game ball!

Man it's hard to get all that dirt out of white pants every week!